Human Sexuality

We look forward to serving you. Our clinic promotes the sexual health of individuals, couples, and families of all backgrounds and ages by providing assessment and treatment. We have helped thousands of people with sexual health issues.

Our faculty and professional staff represent a variety of disciplines including psychology, family medicine, psychiatry, marital and family therapy, education and epidemiology.

Gender Identity Disorders

Gender identity’ is the inherent sense of being a man or woman or indeed blend of man and woman or another self identified gender. For the individual this may or may not agree with the gender which is given by others at birth, due largely to outside, body characteristics. This mismatch is called gender incongruence.

Social gender roles are those expressed behaviours, interests, forms of appearance, and personality that are expected of a person in a given culture based mainly on their physical appearance. This may or may not conform to their sense of gender identity.

The Adult Gender Identity Clinic at Sadbhawna Hospital offers specialty services to both individuals and their primary care practitioners in Sadbhawna Hospital in regard to issues related to gender identity and expression.

Relational Problems

All couples want to have a successful and rewarding relationship. But having difficulties and challenges are also normal parts of sharing your life with others. The way we deal with these challenges will affect our relationships. Sometimes, it is difficult to talk to your partner about some issues. You may need outside help to resolve problems and ensure your relationship stays healthy and strong. Warning signs that a relationship is becoming unhealthy or abusive, include:

– constant jealousy – questioning whom you are talking to, accusing you of flirting or spending too much time with others. Your partner may frequently call, drop by to check what you are doing or track your movements
– controlling behaviour – where your partner may control finances, decision-making and whom you can see and speak to
– unrealistic expectations – where your partner expects you to meet all of their needs, for you to take care of everything emotionally.

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© Copyright 2018. All Rights Reserved. | Developed By: Wise Business Technologies