Adolescent And Child Psychiatrist
We provide Psychiatrist training for children and guide, nurture and train them as per their age.
Adult General Psychiatry
Our expertise lies in rendering proficient general psychological treatment to the adults to fight back issues.
Adult Psychiatry
Adult Psychiatry deals with diagnosis, prevention, study, and treatment of mental disorders. Call for details.
Alcohol De Addiction Centres
We bring the best doctors for treatments, care and services for common addiction like alcohol, tobacco etc.
Alcohol De-addiction Treatment
Our health centre provides alcohol de-addiction treatment to individuals suffering from alcohol addiction.
All Forms Of Neuro-psychiatric And Behavioral Disorders
Our medical expertise renders advanced treatment to all forms of neuro-psychiatric & behavioral disorders.
Drug De Addiction Centres
We are one of the best drug de-addiction centres offering effective and successful treatments for the addicts.
Drug De Addiction Doctors
We are one of the best doctors for drugs de-addiction, providing effective treatments & medications.
Nursing Homes
We provide short-term rehabilitative stays following a surgery, illness which may require physical therapy.
Private Hospitals
We are leading private hospital. We treat our patients with utmost care with our advance technology.
About Us
We at Sadbhawna Hospital provide the highest quality and affordable treatments to our patients. Our hospital is located at Kunjpura Road, Karnal, Haryana. All patients are assured of the best service in a very pleasant and non-stressful atmosphere. Proper attention is paid to the hygiene and sanitation. We have the best and most experienced surgeons and specialists treating our patients with utmost care. With our rich knowledge and experience, be assured of quality healthcare services that we provide. We have an unwavering commitment to medical ethics. 
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Physiotherapy Center
Diagnostic Center
Blood Bank
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